its only when we walk together as i feel lonley, does that make me…?

Imagestarting off the evning by showing beauty, you guys probebly think im gay because of all the female picture i post, its just that.. no. people are too easy judging. I do think many people are georgous, both women and men, though i dont like womans in that way just that i think they are beautiful, but i think skrillex and Channing Tatum is gourgous too, does that make me something aswell? it doesnt even matter, i show pictures becasue i look up to their persenalitys and looks, i know i cant measure myself with them in a simular way but i can compete with my own way, somehow. Just to be equal i will do the same with other honey booboos!




2920000 calories and extra fries and a diet coke, please

hello, sweet day ey?

how to eat 8000 calories in one bite…

i was making food downstair just by the moment and i thought about the Elvis Presley sandwitch, or more known as the Fool’s Gold Loaf it is pure unhealthy and it is said that Elvis ate about 2 each day, and he often ordered them to his companys from a famous restaurant called The Colorado mine company, the remarkable thing about it is that it contains 8000 calories, yes that is four days of food for a human being, or four peoples food during one day. And yes, if presley ate one every day for a full year then he would cosume wait for it… 2920000 calories just on the sandwitch, for a normal-eating person eats the normal consume of food (2000 calories) they will “only” eat 730000 calories every year, Elvis would eat 4 times as much as the normal-eating -person. gush… 

fun fact about the loaf! it contains one full jar of peanut butter, sliced banana, butter, fried white loaf, it cost about 65 dollars, one pound of bacon, and blueberry preserves and grape jelly. take that Biggest looser!

PURRFECT outfit of spring (hating against sandals that will keep you from getting pregnant)

this is it as Michael Jackson said.

Spring is coming upon us like a star, so why dont feel like a star? I love fashion, i watch fashion  shows, fashion tips and mostly makeup tips. I would say i am more of a makeup/hair person than actually clothes-person, but that doesnt keep me from loving clothes right? Something that not as many as i would like wear is knee high socks, i love the grey, black, white, black and white socks, they are super comfy and adoreable, adore them. And as i mentioned, lips. This year is the year of pastel, pastel colored hair, lips (go with pink!) nail clothes etc. For a secure outfit in the city – go with the sparkeling matt lipstick that is poping the color pink! Sunglasses is a most, cant live without it. This year i have bought a round pair, golden and black, they need comfort in a human to wear them so i will show you a less… dearing one, yet so beautiful. When you are wearing knee high socks, you need shoes, right? dont go with sandals please im begging you. socks in sandals are as good protection against pregnantcy as condoms. no just no. why…why would you wear socks in sandals…? why. all i need is an answer. shoes i decided to share was really cool shoes, i would say either black or white, goes with everything, they are thick and bit clumsy but so beautiful. lovley. xoxo


down the waterfall wherever it will take me i know that life wont brake me,

And through it all she offers me protection a lot of love and affection, whether I’m right or wrong. Down the waterfall  wherever it may take me I know that life won’t break me when I come to call, she won’t forsake me, I’m loving angels instead. 

i have a crush on Robbie Williams, just his music though, but he seems to be such a good-hearted person! A good friend of mine who seen him live said he was amazing, i believe in her, his voice is so calm and peacefull. My dad always sings on his songs when we are driving the car haha, he is so sweet. My favorite songs by him is “shes the one” and “Angels” which are the one i wrote above in the begginging. xoxo


maybe New York, Philly maybe Pitsburg you want to find me hit me on Twitter

goodafternoon, tea yet?

Its actually the day of the woffles, i have eaten 3 gluten-free woffles today with cream and fresh strawberries and rasberries and blueberries. YUM but im full like satan right now, cant barely move. What is life. I read that gluten woffles are more healthy than reguall woffles, so i got that going for me which is good. I have to stop talking about gluten now.

I could say that today have been charmfull, but no, and yes. When i say charmfull i mean that i have a luck braislet with charms on it, different symbols (charms) mine got 10 of them, a bird that symbollize freedom, a greek “eye” that means that god watches you, (in a good way) and 2 pieces that had stones on them but they got lost, they meant richness, one for money and one for richness in stuff like friends, love etc. also a peace symbol, a key “for all the doors of life”, 2 hearts, one full and thick and one printed but slim, the full heart is for the kindness in the heart and the printed once means all the prints people leave on you/things that happens. Then it is a cirlce with a heart on it which is circle of love and last but maybe least a flower which represent beautiful. I love it and as i said it brings me luck but clearly not my friend got luck when my friend had it on today, then the braislet was a bad-luck-braislet. I still love it though, xoxo. - 365 Days

All that matters to me

I though i should give a quick update on the non-gluten & non-lactose diet is going on.
If i would explain it with one word i would choose hunger, the breakfast is worst – no bread no cereal no nothing! But you feel very…empty. I have to say that ive been cheating a bit on the lactose because i been eating food with lactose, but no yogurt whatsoever. Pounds are lost, ive been doing this for 3 days and i have lost some weight which is awsome so i will keep doing this until Sunday so hopefully i will give you good results! Xoxo


you dont need to be a woman to wear fashion…

I know too many lady-fashion-blogs, but where are the men-fashion-blogs? that is only focusing on the hot men? 

i got the answer right here, this one is for you (shoutout for you viktor frisk) but also for the men who wants to know what is good looking on a body/hairstyles and other tips, but also for you who would like to stare at a cute 20 year old blonde man face. I read this blog constently, so all i can say is – watch and learn or just watch, your call. heydaTODAYS



hakuna matata – no worries

Hoa hoa, welcome to another day of yours. wonderfull.

I was just discussing movie lines that we like, ive got to say that famous movie lines are good, something we all maybe heard once or twice of either seeing the movie or read it or heard it from someone, they are also very clever, and meaningfull. Love it. the director who wrote the lines for the script must be good at holding converastions, to say the right thing, i wonder if a person who writes scrips to movies uses real life scenes from their own lives? and take sentences from there? hmm…

One of mine favorite lines are from the remakeble movie Toy story 1, which is the worlds history first long 3d animated movie of all time and its when Buzz lighyear says when he is tryin to fly “to infinity and beyond” oh lord love that line is so… powerfull to me haha. Also his other line is “This isn’t flying, this is falling with style!”. Learn from that dawgs. bottom line, learn from toy story and you will be all fine. 

if you are in the situatione where you can not think of a line you like, here are some insperation:

“may the force be with you” its Han Solo sayin it to luke in Star wars.

“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates”. You never know what you’re gonna get.” said Forrest gump in Forrest gump

“hasta la vista baby” said arnold schwarzernegger in Terminator