happy ********* to me?

yes, i saw today that its my anniversary today! yay!

well what kind of anniversary do i mean? I have had this blog for exacly one whole year now this day! congrats i guess, but not too me, to you actually, what would i be without you lovley people? i have gone from nothing to alot and i can only see lindaweez.wordpress.com with happyness, i belive it have helped me alot an giving me so much joy during this year, so do we have any remakable or remebering moments? yes, take a sneak peak behind the curtains…



oh i remember my first 5 likes, that was the appriciation i needed and i got it and thats when i really started to share my thoughs for real! so far i have 381 posts (omg…) and if you would go back in my arkitivs you would see the age of stone (2013 january 12th) and then from there to now you will be able to read my story, my ups and downs, my problems, my happy moments, my solutions, help, tips and just sharing the world my of music and youtube. So, thank you and thanks for staying with me even though my spelling isnt the best ever, ist horrible sometimes but its not the spelling that counts – its the meaning of the word. xoxo