a merry merry christmas

merry christmas lovley dinasaurs!

i really hope from the bottom of my heart that all of you have a super awsome cozy winter christmas, if its not winter like in Florida or Calefornia maybe you can order some fake snow and be happy, eitherway, i just wanted to say merry christmas and we will talk after christmas when i will come home from where im spending christmas this year, but i will probebly put some time-post here so that you will have something to read, xoxo!
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people love me but they dont even know my last name

Mac Miller baby

ive started to love Mac miller, okey love is a big word. who am i kidding? i love him. probebly. well, maybe. im unsure…

How come so? yeah i saw a concert with him and yeah, i really liked him! hes cool. He is  white rapper who is born 1992 so he is 21 years old and lives in U.S.  well i think you should give this upcoming rapper a shot, like he is talented, his voice is calming…somehow.

heres one of his song i really like – another night.


i can make you feel

I know a seriusly beautiful woman, i know you will agree with me.

Her name is Kat Von D, you have probebly seen her on Miami INK or somewhere else (her own makeup, shes also a model) I think she is beautiful and i love her tattoos. Shes also dating a guy im a big fan of – Deadmou5 (Joel). Why i love her?

  • Shes so beautiful
  • she has her own style
  • the way she talk/act
  • her look
  • she have a cool bf

What do you guys think?




i really see my theme today, but i like it! xoxo

Just a story that can be told

Just a story that can be toldThis guy is amazing, i love him! ivé seriusly watched probebly 90% of all his 3000 videos and different channels. No, im not some crazy stalker i just thinks he has so many points and everything! Makes sence to me.


Not to forgett to meantion that i wish i met skrillex (or will meet) him one day, he is also amazing and just one of those people who casually are awsome and.. hae no words so i stop it right here. xoxo