where have you been all my life

So where are my daily readers? i checked and i saw that most of my common readers are swedish, wonder why actually… and them Mericá, i can see that. we´re so global. ees


But thsi isnt the main thing i wanted to take up a day like this, the mainly thing i had to share is youtube attached. Its my barbiedoll Blndsundoll4mj


a merry merry christmas

merry christmas lovley dinasaurs!

i really hope from the bottom of my heart that all of you have a super awsome cozy winter christmas, if its not winter like in Florida or Calefornia maybe you can order some fake snow and be happy, eitherway, i just wanted to say merry christmas and we will talk after christmas when i will come home from where im spending christmas this year, but i will probebly put some time-post here so that you will have something to read, xoxo!
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If i loose my self tonight

Ugh. Die bitch die.
Im out of this shit! Like you awsome guys have been able to follow my process of my lost soldier (friend) and now i cant take ANY MORE OF THIS MUTHAFUCKING shit. Im out. As you might noticed the process has been like this:
1. How bad i lost you, plz come back!
2. I dont need you.
3. Make your own way back, i help you if you want to!
4. Shes coming back one day.
5. Fuck you!

I think thats the last step, the Fuck you step, Its simple and horrorfull, and also the let go step, now its over. The end. Our friendship was like a movie, i liked the middle part of the movie, my thoughts of the film is only 2 stars, it had its good and bad but the end sucked and i dont want to see part 2. Why? Fuck you main character thats why!

And i told you to be patient

You tell me im stupid but who’s really arguing about those little things? You acting like bosses, streak down my closet and i have to deal with that. But if went to another place, i would see you by every corner i went. I will go down with this ship. I will turn my men down and surrender. There will be white flags hanging by my house, im in love and always will.be.
//part from the song white flags and a love note.



Zedd – the man who killed it

Hey dinsaurs, having a good day to die hard on?

Well, today it is all about Zedd! “who is he” Zedd is a beloved artist who is a DJ and makes incredible songs and just killin`it. I heard some tracks were he plays with Skrillex and they are awsome as well but this aint about that beautiful man no. This is about the Hulk. nah just kidding its still about Zedd. Okey, he is really young only 23 and is very talented. If you havent heard any songs of him then i really recomend yall to do that!


Zedd himself


he is a part of the OWLSA

This is what im made of

Dream partner dinosaurs.
How does your dream looking/acting partner be like? I think my boyfriend would be older than me, dark hair, nice body (not talking must have abs but not beer belly…) i like a bit half long hair, maybe a style called sthlm style witch means that you have a nice dressing and little wild and bit mêssy hair or just slimed, ill show you some guys i think is beautiful.

Remember guys and gurls – this is not a Look like this post, like i think everybody is handsome and dont worry – everybody have different styles! Xoxo


                      Sthlm style



Breakfast club

Sweet dinosaurs.
I have seen a movie called “the breakfast club” witch is basically a movie about some kids (high school) who got an 8 H detention in school. One of these kids is a guy who is a stud, mean, honest and rude and first you’re like ‘nah i dont like him, hes a dutchbag’ but in the end i totally changed my opinion and i really liked him and he was still a dutchbag (little more loving) but stil- isn’t this weird that girls (not all of us) someway likes the bad boys? I just have to point out that my favorite was the dorky one named Brian. No doubt. What do you think? Xoxo


You can tell everybody

ellie goulding
I starting to like her, she has an amazing singing voice and good songs, i really like her version of ‘your song’ and you guys can as well follow her on instagram (so do i) and… Yeah one more thing witch is importend ill give you guys a suuupper shot to ask anything you ever wondered about anything! Just comment down below and ill answer correctly! Xoxo sweet dinosaurs! Goodnight as well.


Would you rather…

Okay guys here’s some fun for you!
Its simple would you rather rules, you only pic one option and yeah!

We start of with easy ones!

Would you rather have boobs for hands or boobs for feet?

Would you rather apologize for something you haven’t done and everything be okay or not apologize and everybody will be mad?

Would you rather be eaten by a dinosaur or be eaten by a zebra?

Would you rather be happy with no friends/family or be no happy with friends/family?

Would you rather have a enormous leg (talking huge) or have 3 arms?

Would you rather change your name to cuck sacker or never be able to sleep in a bed?

Would you rather only drink milk (no other drink) or be interrupted by your own tounge?

Would you rather save your self from falling by land on a friend or look like a cheesburger in your face?

Lets move on, only pick one

Girls or boys?
Swag or yolo?
Dance or laugh?
Funny or interesting?
Thin or abs?
Sing or dance?

Hope you find these one good and hope you had a great time! I did this with some friends and here’s some of our answers…
“oh man with boobs for hands i would boob’ everybody”
“milk? Fuck yeah i could drink oboy”