im giving up on you

say something im giving up on you. 

when they put you down, but you still love them after all becasue of what they are. The moment you know you wil say goodbye for the last time, you stare into eachothers eyes for a long time, with a disepointed “bye” and you caught eachother and the other one say bye with the sparkeling hope dying. you hear it. thats when its all over. it takes your breath away. both of yours. at that moment you turn around and trying to recall your last hug toghetter, the last laugh, the last kiss. I hate it when people dont recall. when im burning infront of them and they just stand there. quiet. when i fall down and they are standing above the cliff looking down. never making the last move and you become  suprised when the last good bye slips out of their mouth. say something im giving up on you. but if all you say is bye then im already given up.’



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