im hidden behind all these big rocks

hello good day bonjour and other things.

you know what they say about love, that love comes up when you least expecting it? i believe thats true, cause my luck has turnt. something that has also turnt is my head, yeah thats right, my head. There is this wow-instagram-facebook-girl i know, if i would only have seen her on instagram or facebook i would have said “what a gracefull, beautiful 8 point girl” but when you see her in real life it is like… wow… nope. nope. nope. isnt that like false advertising? I know this girls and she is beautiful BUT she looks so much better on instagram and blogs and facebook you name it. Think of a guy saying “hey wanna meet up?” and they do and when shes walking down the street against him he will be like “that aint the girl on the pictures, nope”. if thats not false advertising i dont know what is real anymore. 

Im sitting here infront of the computer trying to study but also eat, i always have to eat and study at the same time, is that just me? i always have water next to me and fruit or something, what would the world be without fruit…? fruitless. or non fruity. 






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