im giving up on you

say something im giving up on you. 

when they put you down, but you still love them after all becasue of what they are. The moment you know you wil say goodbye for the last time, you stare into eachothers eyes for a long time, with a disepointed “bye” and you caught eachother and the other one say bye with the sparkeling hope dying. you hear it. thats when its all over. it takes your breath away. both of yours. at that moment you turn around and trying to recall your last hug toghetter, the last laugh, the last kiss. I hate it when people dont recall. when im burning infront of them and they just stand there. quiet. when i fall down and they are standing above the cliff looking down. never making the last move and you become  suprised when the last good bye slips out of their mouth. say something im giving up on you. but if all you say is bye then im already given up.’



friends…with benefits, how to get one step by step

i dont know why people keep saying friends wit benefits? i mean doesnt all friends include that? why dont we just say it out loud for what it is? fuck buddy. *acting like a one night stand and shit*

i dont have a sertain fuck buddy, going round and round (not really like a hooker) becasue i dont have a settle partner yet, like i said in my past post im up to one hopefully but dont scream hello before youve crossed the bridge. so i will keep my mouth shut. I have friends who has fuck buddys or friends with deliscous benefits call it whatever dont care who they visit regulary like a dentist but i guess i havent found the one yet, mr fuck me. 

if you are in the place were you dont own that guy or girl dont give up and lose hope you are so (well) close! just relax and follow my step by step tutorial and you will be all fine…!

Step one: choose your target, put the sight on him or her, know the history behind this X person. ask yourself after a little research 

1. does she or he have a boyfriend or girlfriend? if yes back the fuck of and chose another singel person.

2. have this person ever had a fuck buddy before, if yes why dont they see eachother any more, if no this will be interesting.

Step two: meet this person at an event, like a party or a after work thing, or maybe just a chill thing with drinks at someones house. The best thing is if you two know eachothers name but not so much more, you want to be mysterious. 

Step three: flirt with this person from distens, then little later in the night go and say hello, at this moment this person should have know that you have tossed a few blinks at him or her, maybe done a flirty in-bubmpy-clumsy at him. Go and talk super flirty but keep the mystery, dont be all over her or him, keep it down so that he or she will come after you, go outside and sit down and talk maybe lead to a little kiss. now you halfway in there! now go home together, at a hotel is best, the place you choose to be now at the first night is the night you will be later on too as well. choose carfully. 

Step four: after sex say “this should be done again sometime… i will call you, if thats okey?” this person will hopefully say yes, if not you are back at square one again = start over its game over. Dont wait to long with the call, 2 weeks aprox and call one day ahead if this person can not meet up that night ask at the same phonecall “when do you wanna meet miss/mr?” this person will set a date and you will keep doing this until you will fall in to a scedual, a rutin. 

Step five: Now you have a fuck buddy, at this moment you should both be clear that you are not ina realtionship togheter, also rememeber that friends with benefits sometimes loses the benefits casue one of you or both will start liking eachother more than just pointless sex. be aware and open for new ideas and check yourself at the doctor becasue this other person may see other girls or boys at the same time. 

The what if…step: if you get jealous of your fuck buddy for seeing others, talk to yourself and your partner about this, this often resoulvs in feelings for eachother. If you dont want your fuck buddy anymore? say that you had a reat and fun time toghetter, but you have to move on and get a real partner now. Be aware that it might turn awkward between you guys later on in the future. what if he treats you like crap? go, dont take money, credit or anything, he or she should treat you like a human being with hell of respect, keep that in mind. 

hope this will help, it will! comment for more questions! xoxo



im hidden behind all these big rocks

hello good day bonjour and other things.

you know what they say about love, that love comes up when you least expecting it? i believe thats true, cause my luck has turnt. something that has also turnt is my head, yeah thats right, my head. There is this wow-instagram-facebook-girl i know, if i would only have seen her on instagram or facebook i would have said “what a gracefull, beautiful 8 point girl” but when you see her in real life it is like… wow… nope. nope. nope. isnt that like false advertising? I know this girls and she is beautiful BUT she looks so much better on instagram and blogs and facebook you name it. Think of a guy saying “hey wanna meet up?” and they do and when shes walking down the street against him he will be like “that aint the girl on the pictures, nope”. if thats not false advertising i dont know what is real anymore. 

Im sitting here infront of the computer trying to study but also eat, i always have to eat and study at the same time, is that just me? i always have water next to me and fruit or something, what would the world be without fruit…? fruitless. or non fruity. 





But i dont go around with fire expecting them not to sweat

There is a festival day here in Sweden every year, some people hate it and some love like it. I like it i mean whats not to like, nice people, big groups, food strawberrys drinks and sun. Maybe a party or two, a bonfire… I get it if you hate drinking and people and the things that belongs to festive days thats cool noone maked you show up of you are going to be a party pooper. BUT me as a person of honor loving all those festive things -let me be.

Dont worry be happy! 🙂