10 things on my bucket list

we all have secret bucket list inside our heads, things we are planning to do before we die. Small or big things (that what she said), its all okey, size doesnt matter… yep, thats totally what she said.

i want to share some of my things i want to do 10 things that is lovley, so i guess i will just list them up and maybe you will get some inspiration, also share your bucketlist and we all can enjoy!

  1. Breastimplants. oh no she said it…i like big boobs, i dont have a serius komplex about mine so far but hey, why not? it looks great!
  2. get a “to the infinity and beyond” tattoo… is that too cheezy or something?! guys..?
  3. be drunk all day, all night experience… have the words of Ed Sheeran i wanna be drunk when i wake up.
  4. have a floote-in-space-experience… i wanna do that soo bad its when you fly in a airplane and the gravity kind of disepears like in space.
  5. kiss someone in the rain… i wanna stand there with a person i know loves me and i love this person as well. so bad could live for that.
  6. have a squatybubba-butt… I wanna be the booty. i want to feel it. i want to bubble. 
  7. Have abs like a real woman…i am actually on that trip right now, so watch out non-abs people. thats right.
  8. i wanna go on a party trip to Ibitza or rhodos or thailand and just party lie in the sun and relax with friends and sip on a beer all day all night.
  9. i want to give food to homeless people and share a big smile, also buy a homeless a coffee.
  10. i want to stand up over a crowd and have a big memerol speach about the difference in the world. something i care so much about. 



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