a prosper or a cup of tea is what makes us to we

goodevening fellows! 

today is the day…oh. I was in a bit of a rush today (all day actually), from the moment i woke up until now. stil stressed thought cant wait until i get to sleep. pjuh. i was crossing the main town during the lovley day today and i thought to myself..hmm i want to purchase something…so i did. i found this lovley flowerly bikini and a nice flowly shirt witch i will constently live in (ew). big buys. I was in this store today where the sell Odd Molly shirts and accesories, they are though a bit expensive but i will save actually. i will. the shirt i want cost around 149 dollars, but i will make it! It is so gourgeous. The funny thing is that i dont own alot of brand clothes, i more own 1 billion pair of other “regular” clothes even though people in my family always wear nice brands and me being like… nope. is that just me? I dont know really, i am not so obsessed with brands, it doesnt matter to me so much. Wait, thats maybe a little lie, i do care just that those brands who arent super nice like chanel, dior, versace etc. but still are “overpriced” then it doesnt put much intrest to me, like in that moment is like i dont give a fuck but if i see a nicer brand like chanel i be like LOVE LOVE LOVE. i guess that is also just me… xoxo

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