what am i supose to say when im all shooked up that youre okey

i dont breakeven… what am i gonna do when the best part of me will always be you?

I believe that everybody have a magic sence that they was born with, or has grown by time. My special talent is that i can feel when something is going to happen by the measure of time of a week. i get a gut-feeling that says someting is going to happen, even to by the same time i dont know if it will be a good or bad thing. And i am right about this, promise. last time i even wrote here on the blog maybe 3 weeks ago that i had a feeling that soemthing was going to happen that weekend or regualday, well. something happened out of the blue, i lost someone.  A good friend of mine says she can almost smell that something is wrong, it can be small hi, a text or a move. 

what is your magic sence?


i always get so deep when i listening to coldplay, realized that now so i believe that this post will the same. well, nobody said it was easy.


2 thoughts on “what am i supose to say when im all shooked up that youre okey

  1. I’ve never thought about having a magic sense actually. But I guess I know what you mean about having a feeling when something will happen in the near future. It then always feels to me like things aren’t just like they are supposed to be though there isn’t an apparent reason yet…I will pay more attention to that, find it really interesting/great right now, that you described this feeling as a magic sense..:-)

    • oh thank you sweetheart! I believe it is a magic sence, not just a feeling. and its funny that all of us have some kind of indviduall sence, in your case that you can feel that something isnt right, i cant feel that – thats why its so magical! 🙂 but what would life be without a little bit of magic?

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