Im the terminator bitch talk slick I’mma have to terminate her







10 things on my bucket list

we all have secret bucket list inside our heads, things we are planning to do before we die. Small or big things (that what she said), its all okey, size doesnt matter… yep, thats totally what she said.

i want to share some of my things i want to do 10 things that is lovley, so i guess i will just list them up and maybe you will get some inspiration, also share your bucketlist and we all can enjoy!

  1. Breastimplants. oh no she said it…i like big boobs, i dont have a serius komplex about mine so far but hey, why not? it looks great!
  2. get a “to the infinity and beyond” tattoo… is that too cheezy or something?! guys..?
  3. be drunk all day, all night experience… have the words of Ed Sheeran i wanna be drunk when i wake up.
  4. have a floote-in-space-experience… i wanna do that soo bad its when you fly in a airplane and the gravity kind of disepears like in space.
  5. kiss someone in the rain… i wanna stand there with a person i know loves me and i love this person as well. so bad could live for that.
  6. have a squatybubba-butt… I wanna be the booty. i want to feel it. i want to bubble. 
  7. Have abs like a real woman…i am actually on that trip right now, so watch out non-abs people. thats right.
  8. i wanna go on a party trip to Ibitza or rhodos or thailand and just party lie in the sun and relax with friends and sip on a beer all day all night.
  9. i want to give food to homeless people and share a big smile, also buy a homeless a coffee.
  10. i want to stand up over a crowd and have a big memerol speach about the difference in the world. something i care so much about. 



Say It In French

a prosper or a cup of tea is what makes us to we

goodevening fellows! 

today is the day…oh. I was in a bit of a rush today (all day actually), from the moment i woke up until now. stil stressed thought cant wait until i get to sleep. pjuh. i was crossing the main town during the lovley day today and i thought to myself..hmm i want to purchase something…so i did. i found this lovley flowerly bikini and a nice flowly shirt witch i will constently live in (ew). big buys. I was in this store today where the sell Odd Molly shirts and accesories, they are though a bit expensive but i will save actually. i will. the shirt i want cost around 149 dollars, but i will make it! It is so gourgeous. The funny thing is that i dont own alot of brand clothes, i more own 1 billion pair of other “regular” clothes even though people in my family always wear nice brands and me being like… nope. is that just me? I dont know really, i am not so obsessed with brands, it doesnt matter to me so much. Wait, thats maybe a little lie, i do care just that those brands who arent super nice like chanel, dior, versace etc. but still are “overpriced” then it doesnt put much intrest to me, like in that moment is like i dont give a fuck but if i see a nicer brand like chanel i be like LOVE LOVE LOVE. i guess that is also just me… xoxo

what am i supose to say when im all shooked up that youre okey

i dont breakeven… what am i gonna do when the best part of me will always be you?

I believe that everybody have a magic sence that they was born with, or has grown by time. My special talent is that i can feel when something is going to happen by the measure of time of a week. i get a gut-feeling that says someting is going to happen, even to by the same time i dont know if it will be a good or bad thing. And i am right about this, promise. last time i even wrote here on the blog maybe 3 weeks ago that i had a feeling that soemthing was going to happen that weekend or regualday, well. something happened out of the blue, i lost someone.  A good friend of mine says she can almost smell that something is wrong, it can be small hi, a text or a move. 

what is your magic sence?


i always get so deep when i listening to coldplay, realized that now so i believe that this post will the same. well, nobody said it was easy.

if they’re yelling hands down them motherfuckers better lay down

hello good wendsday?

what are the week plans now then?

i am on my way to pop up to chuch in a minute, eat first. today me and good times people was at an adventure, yay very interesting tell more later on. i cant belive its already half of the week left, i cant wait until springbreak, pjuh. i need a long term break NOW. yesterday i was with my boos, trained, studyied, no im hitting off like i said and then tomorrow i will have night-hang-out with about 700 people, cool ey? You all hang out until dawn (later on) and just chill it sound so barney. Friday is partay day such as saturday as well, big plans with good people – good times. Love saturdays. Sunday im going off to camp for a few days and then… im home alone… so yeah. intvites, invite your self and invited. xoxo, love. 

its only when we walk together as i feel lonley, does that make me…?

Imagestarting off the evning by showing beauty, you guys probebly think im gay because of all the female picture i post, its just that.. no. people are too easy judging. I do think many people are georgous, both women and men, though i dont like womans in that way just that i think they are beautiful, but i think skrillex and Channing Tatum is gourgous too, does that make me something aswell? it doesnt even matter, i show pictures becasue i look up to their persenalitys and looks, i know i cant measure myself with them in a simular way but i can compete with my own way, somehow. Just to be equal i will do the same with other honey booboos!



2920000 calories and extra fries and a diet coke, please

hello, sweet day ey?

how to eat 8000 calories in one bite…

i was making food downstair just by the moment and i thought about the Elvis Presley sandwitch, or more known as the Fool’s Gold Loaf it is pure unhealthy and it is said that Elvis ate about 2 each day, and he often ordered them to his companys from a famous restaurant called The Colorado mine company, the remarkable thing about it is that it contains 8000 calories, yes that is four days of food for a human being, or four peoples food during one day. And yes, if presley ate one every day for a full year then he would cosume wait for it… 2920000 calories just on the sandwitch, for a normal-eating person eats the normal consume of food (2000 calories) they will “only” eat 730000 calories every year, Elvis would eat 4 times as much as the normal-eating -person. gush… 

fun fact about the loaf! it contains one full jar of peanut butter, sliced banana, butter, fried white loaf, it cost about 65 dollars, one pound of bacon, and blueberry preserves and grape jelly. take that Biggest looser!