to be or not to be

i would call myself a hater on her but…

There is this girl, more known as Nellie berntson, she is a swedih horse/daily life bloger. The thing about her is that she is like 12 years old, oh my bad – 12 and a half. She has a lot of fans even though her fans are younger then her (as always, i would say that every person that has fans or is being looked up to is older than his/hers fans) so her fans are probebly 10 years old thinking “wow shes so cool she does what my mommy tells me i cant”. The main thing i dont like about this all situation with her is that she complains sooo much of all the drama she put out on herself, its like selfharm. almost like she is punching herself on the arm and thn compalining about the bruceses, see? 

All over her instagram and blog and in the coments you will see “oh its so sad blah blah i get to deal with so much shit bla bla one person said she didnt like my new shes i got when i posed for this thing” *cry cry cry* Im all well too bad. Its so simple! If you share youre opinions in public you will get credic, good or bad but expect them both goddamit. its fucking written in stone so nellie, dont come crying about it, its your own chose to do what you do so why do you cry?

“If you dont want the bruceses dont freaking punch your arm”

Also the fact that she is acting like she is 25 and “hanging” out with older guys *wow such grace, such coolness* and “im off for a photoshoot” and by that meaning taking a selfie in the bathroom. what the f***. On her instagram you will se her screenshoting messages, well, heres the story – if you screenshot a message and posting it it shoud be funny, crazy, or cute but becasue she is so special (uhmm) she is litterly screenshoting normal messages like “hello, how are you, oh good, what are you doing…etc.” just to show that the one she is texting is an older guy (who also is a bloger) we all see it through. The funny part is that she treats them boys she met like they were her best friends even though they are 12 years older then her, but when you take a look at them boys instagram they dont even mention her for one dollar. its so…whats the word? Sad. 

i have to say atleast that she is maybe a great person in real life, bet she is fun to talk to and so on, but the way she i putting herself out in is so…disturbing. So nellie, if you read this – no offence in persenal but please – be prepared for critics and bad comments, thats what everyone else have to put out with, every famous bloger deals with this on a daily basi so why would you escape that? it doesnt matter how good you are in real life it is what you say and what you pull yourself to be that matters, not your actuall thoughts. 


i dont feel sad about letting you go, only for letting you know

good evning! 

Today has been a wierd day, you know when you have a wierd feeling in your guts all day, but still its a good day. Its like it has been leading up to some point of total drama i think, but it didnt, but i can still feel that something is coming in a near future…

otherwise today i hitted the gym that was over crowded as the freaking London streets so pushing my patience to the limit then i left like i can handle the people starring at me, it creeps me out and then i have to be “okey im out” like hell to the no im not going to just stand there with some ******* person looking at me, no no no. Not today. Then i have so many leave in papers in school, ugh to much to handle Like i scoosed my course (science) for a reason and thats not becasue i love math or chemistry (i dont even like those subjects for real) even though thats some of them subjects we spend most hours on, i still dont like it. Just becasue i choosed science doesnt mean i adore them, no other way. I choosed it for the future, though life now but then it will pay of, i can become anything i want without reading up my math or something like that, yeah i could probebly have read Social Studiesbut what would that bring me? Not the work i want so then it just to inhale the pain of work, work, work of studies and one day BAAM phd doctor deegree and you can see them money flow. 

Then if i become i doctor then i want to become a plastic doctor, it may sound strange but I want to do it for two reasons , it makes people happier , people who feel they do not fit into society due to a coming judgment , bullied or not but want to change it so that they feel ” normal or finer . ” everyone has the right to achieve their will , if your desire is to remove a certain thing on your body or to enlarge your breasts , it’s okay , or if you want to fix something you were born with . It affects no one except yourself .

Then is there money in the profession , they have a difficult and specified job. But I believe with all my heart that you should accept the people’s choice when it comes to beauty , you should not hate on someone for not looking like you . It is difficult to occur the perfect natural beauty , and you can not lift a single finger to achieve it, (exept if you were born perfect) and  achieving this natural beauty on plastic road is not so much wrong it is fairly.



– i am the man who walks alone,I have a constant fear that somethings always near,  fear of the dark, fear of the dark, I have a phobia that someone’s always there – 

i think i need a punch in my face

You know the feeling of when you get a horrible flashback of something emabrissing you did? well i just got one.

if i could get a punch in my face everytime i wrote something i will regrett wrighting in texts, i would look like rihanna after dating chris brown seriusly. OMG all the time. I just thought of one major i did, and not that i only regrett wrighting it just the secund i hitted send -nono- the persona actually said it like 4 days after and i realized that it was no way getting out of that. It wasent an mean text or anything like that or spoiling some secret, it was just a very very…very awkward question i asked and it now i see was not something i should have said. Oh me sometimes. I wish though i could turn back time, if i could i would, even though i would be on replay all the time. 

I hate these flashbacks i get once in a while, its so goddamn frustrating. Even though the person i said it to might not think of it daily or even ever (hopefully) but i will think of until the day i die or so, cant we all just have a delete button?


oops you think that im send from above

i have been so nostalgic the last days here, ohboy i say.

Ive been listening to old Britney spears song like oops i did it again and sometimes, i havent listended to those since…oh i dont even know, like 10 years ago haha. Also Lady gagas song eh eh which i had tottaly forgot that it even existed, wow such grace. that resulted in:

A. listening to them 60 times in a row

B. total flashback

C. wanting to buy their CDs all over again (am i the only one here…hello?)

Like i kind of just missed the whole backstreet boys, spice girls moment when i was younger, yeah if you had an older sister or possed mom than maybe you didnt missed out on those but in my situation i didnt have any sister or mom that adored them so i never got the change to listen to them, so when i grew up it was all britney spears and lady gaga, miley cyrus (as hannah montana) and other girly bands. Sometimes i miss those times, but think not. 




no russian, dont keep the olympics

i hate it. why do the world accept the horrible russian structure?

we let them deal with the olympics, they dont follow the human rights, they put out so much money (51 billion dollars, can you belive that?) they dont pay the workers for all the work they´ve done, no they get send home without any payment. They torture gay people, its all on camera if you dont belive me. they punish people who dont like the goverment, its a fucked up country that we bring happiness to, is that alrighty then moment? no.  

say no to russia, say no to putin, say no to everything they deal with that is wrong! i find it very strange, we wouldnt have let Hitler be in charge over the olympics right? that would be awkward to have a killing leader with a mind of a phsykopat, a dictator. buuut now these days, let the dictator vlademir putin be in charge of it, its cool? im ashamed of the situation. step up and say no.

copy and paste the state secrets, please

Did todays america chose the right leader for their well knowed country? Or should mitt romney have taken the place instead?

So far and so far we have all seen, i like Barck. He gives good speaches (guess he doesnt wright those) and then wrigts about it in his twitter (which i again dont think is by the man himself). He makes decisions made from other people like the congress, head state etc. But who is the truly leader then? If barack doesnt write his own statements, his speaches, his twitter, where he should go, what he should do – who is it then? Is he just a face for the democratsy? I do not hate obama, but we in the public get to see so little of the truth that it almost hurts.  we do not see what he has in his head, what the whole america’s government has plans planned, what they want with it. Sure, give us the talk of the hope of strength and other skilled topics to raise the country, but give us more of a paper full of state secrets. Would get better feedback, or worse, it depends on what is written in these papers. the U.S. government is hiding something for the residents, secrets so to speak. A country that is secretly giving us surprises, but this is  no party so the surprises can not be expected until after the cake, so to speak. We are the country, not Obama on his own, (or his speakers…) is really a democratic leader of the country the best? a single person who at any time can become life threatened to tell all the president did not want to reveal to the world, all of it might go to waste. If the country is lead by the people it would probably be similar to Switzerland, but then chaos would arise Unfortunately, because of the number of residents in the U.S., well, well, we’ll have to maintain our president so long. Long live barack, xoxo


if you want want to buy me flowers, just go ahead now and if you want we can talk for hours just go ahead now

I can smell spring outside of my window…

I woke up to see a great start of a monday, thats right. i just saw the sun! Right in my eye (which was less gourgoues but worth it) It has been a quite non-normal winter here, it had its ups and downs i mean at christmas day there were about 1 X 1 meter of snow on the ground and then 7 weeks after a.k.a yesterday there was so much snow and it was freezing cold. Now waking up to haven or something was amazing, lovley and well needed.  I just went to my sister to bake some cakes, then burning them in the owen and barley soon we are going to hit the train to go outcity. i write more later boos, happy spring day! Image

high heels is ok no matter what they say

it gives you majestatic look, that fine sugar top on the cake

thats the perfect look, that sugar top. Everyting with heel is gourgeus, mostly. Imagine a Jeffrey Campbell shoes on your feet during a day with a cute outfit, dont care if school day -. high heel day is everyday- yes yes, during winter is a half no-no, BUT when summer hits us in june or even earlier depends on the weather you can definetly rock those shoes as you want dont feel ashamed. I know alot of people who doesnt like JC boots, well dont care about it. Even if someone mentions it, dont care i mean we all have some kind of clothes we dont like (and not just on ourselfs) even on other people but we dont say anything, like me for example. I dont like the color green, i never wear green but if i see someone else wearing a green shirt then its a i dont give a fuck moment for me, feel me? 

If this were 4 years ago or later i would never dare to wera high heels, i was not compable in myself, i care ALOT of what people said and what they did and thought of me, it took over my life until a year when i decided to not fucking give a fuck anymore, and now im here. I nowadays find it funny to hear people complaining about the chose of shoes i have, its like you hear their inner irritaition just nagging of jelousy, bitch please. 

If thats not you nowadays, it gets better, belive me. Just collect yourself (pull yourself toghetter) and just think for a moment on “do i want to care about things i wish i could do but i cant becasue of these people that make me unhappy momently?” if the answer is no, then congratts, you are free, just show it in a polite way 🙂 xoxo


is she jordan?

wow nicks, i love nicki so much but this song was…how should i put it? Not good too much rhyming of the word niggas and ass like nah use your imagination more. Otherwise of this video, if you havent already seen on her instagram her hair is all natuaral, no weave! Cool ey?

all the answers on the flappy bird sale!

ive got a few comments on the game selling, here are the unanswered questions you asked me!

ImageImagethe most asked one, is what condtion the phone is, i think the phone is alright, it has a little crack that can be fixed for 10 dollars, i can make that happen, dont worry. otherwise its a great phone, i love it! The big screen makes the game quality so much better and brighter just as you want. the game is just as the original, from the app icon – no diffrent than any other real flappy bird (watch out for the fake copys that is comming around on app store and google play) the game looks exacly the same and works exacly the same, you fly, crash and with this limited edition you come so much further and it is so much more special! im 100 % happy with my special version, wouldnt change it for the one you get like 50 in score, with this you go to infinity and beyond with some skills. 

then the price, well as the comments were, it will be discussed. Hit me with a price just like a person in the comments did, yes i did read about the 3500 dollars that was given on an iphone 5, so the price will be lower, but the limited edition will shake the price a bit. I could film it (me playing if that would make some diffirence?