a merry merry christmas

merry christmas lovley dinasaurs!

i really hope from the bottom of my heart that all of you have a super awsome cozy winter christmas, if its not winter like in Florida or Calefornia maybe you can order some fake snow and be happy, eitherway, i just wanted to say merry christmas and we will talk after christmas when i will come home from where im spending christmas this year, but i will probebly put some time-post here so that you will have something to read, xoxo!
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abercrobie and fitch and hollister experience

okey im here to be honest. just…letting my thoughts go.

People around me adoooore hollister and AAF, like i dont own any clothes from any of those stores (they are basicly the same) and the truth is, im not crying over that. actually, i dont give a little shit about Hollister and AAF. thats the truth. My friends and people around me be like “oh i standed in line to hollister 2 hours to bget in…” and im like… “good for you?” Why? I dont see why spending money on some store that isnt actually special in any way, all their clothes look like clothes from anywhere, like H&M. All they have is their noral tank tops or boting shirts where there is a huuuge brand put on where is says with big ass letters “HOLLISTER”. thats it. no more. i would say and i do – get nice clothes from any other fancy store with the same prices if thats not a problem and get a really fancy and nice dress or shirt that look more uniq and more beautiful than a hollister shirt cause those clothes is just…normal and non fancy at all. you can get a freaking Chanel perfume and a 2 Dior lipsticks and a the shirt from a “cheaper” brand and it will be the same price as you would pay for a normal red t-shirt at Hollister. See my point? 


funky tips

Do you want a new idea for your room? heres a few good ol´tips!

Ben and Jerry pencil stand! All you need is an eaten ben and jerry jar and then, throw away the lid and clean out the icecream that is left (like there would be any…) and then just put the pencils etc down in the B&J jar and tada- there you go!



have your fitspo as backround on cellphone! you as me probebly have a fitspo, which is latin for a dreambody you want. The insperation it will give you is all you need, lovley, also remember that you can always squat while brushing teeths or waiting for your nails to dry!


frozen grapes – eating tips if you want a good snack that is healthy- frozen your grapes! it will take time to eat them, you dont get salty or thirsty or really on to eat something else, great way! 


im yelling timber

hey beautifuls! Im sitting here wrapping presents and wrighting rhymes for them, i know – so christmasy!

Well now that winter and christmas is upon us i wanted to share my little “you tube wishlist” but extra fab is that this list is for you! I can only recomend these nice and awsome people, they will make you laught and have a joyfull time, xoxo!

my first and beloved one, the one i could feel complete without and i could live with only watching this channel if i would have to chose, its JLOVESMAC1 when i firstly saw here – omg shes so gouergeous and lovefull and funny and origianll and inspiering! ill link one of her newest vlogs down below, its about christmas!

DANISNOTONFIRE and AMAZINGPHIL my beloved hunnies, so adoreble and funny, really makes me think and realize what a beautiful world it is out there. woaw. i will link a post with both of them in it, good ey?

BLNDSUNDOLL4MJ AND ARIKA SATO my newest bebes, love trisha paytas shes so funny and honsest and really sexuall actully…hmm both of them are.

things to buy and NOT to buy for christmas

hey beutiful guys, sorry for the gone away i had. I have nothing to coment more on that so just screw it.

Its christmas time coming up (yay) people get nicer, happier, more covered in snow than usuall and more open for new ideas. Like me, i want pink hair! i do, i really do and gonna do it soon. Its not just talking its going to fucking happen. (exuse my lanuages but im not french) ALSO the BIG christmas list is here. yes money will fly away as quick it comes in. litterly. 

so i thought , hey why not make a list of christmas gifts if you are not sure what to buy and what NOT to buy

perfume, everybody loves a good perfume. If this person has a celebrity he/she likes they usually have their own perfume so target that one!

tea and a matching mug(s) this can be changed into coffee and a cute big mug! Think starbucks or christmas editions!

Concert tickets or tickets to any festival like tomorrowland or a festival / concert near your home/city

make cute candy like cake pops read down below in a post i wrote not long ago how to do it!

clothes giftcards get a giftcard, for exapmle H&M or a store this person likes.

Victorias secret bodysplash or makeup bag girls dreams, buy at victoriassecret.com or at their stores near you.

dinner + cinema a very cute gift, everybosy who loves film will apriciate

TV serie get a box fuild with happyness, get for example 2 and a half men, the big bang theroy, walking dead, Nikita, despearte housewifes, friends, how i met your mother, revenge etc. 


Things NOT to buy!

pets, serieusly, DO NOT BUY ANYONE A PET its like getting them a baby they may not want. 

big mashines like coffee mashines if its not requested they take up so much space they not have

shoes / speciall clorhes if not picked out, remember people may not have the same style as you, or like the colors you get.

haircolors, no just dont.

bags / scarfes people have very diffirent styles… remember people should pick this out by themself, get a giftcard instead!

thick books, ugh the present of no.

religion things, can be wrong.

radio (big mashines) no one got time for that.

tables, bedtables, chairs, couch, again the space. This shall also be chosen by the one you give the present to.

good luck, xoxo

the true hostpitality

Im so so so sick of people being rude and extremely pist of in texting.

If i say something a little bit negative, for exaple if i wright “i wont be able to say this not-that-life-meaning-thing to this X person now, ill do it in 5” or “i will be little little late becasue of this situation i cant controll over” and for a reply you get : ok. when usually this person texting is like : okey 🙂 and you realize this person is maaad at you. I see the point of getting mad at someone for a reason that this person can controll, something reasoneble not something stupid and then get pisst off out of hell for nothing. I cant do anything about the fact that i will be late becasue of my car broke down or the bus stopped or that something very importent happened. If a person i invited over tells me that this person will be late i say “okey :)” cuz i know that its not persenaly chosen to be late, this person dont want to be late or planned to be, show some respect and understandning that every wrong thing we do is not planned to be, everything you do is not controllable. 

boy toys vs girls toys

i was in a toy store for kids the other day, and i saw somehing interesting…

I was looking for a toy to a girl, and there was a differens you can say between them toys, honsetly. You could take wrong if it was a boy or a girl toy you bought. In the “pink sesion” you found barbies, dolls, kitches utensils, towels, horses, microphones, iphone things and colorful girls with brades and shit in their hair and a big smile. On the boys sesion you saw cars, planes, things that had a theme of a film, like batman, starwars, a sword or building accesories like a hammer, wood cutter, or guns. There were pictures of boys holding guns, commercials of a boy with a gun and in the backround was a girl in need.

where is our generalization going? I think its so wong to see all that, how they really from the beginning of a boys childhood teaching them that they are strong an help girl with guns, or work in the wood and be tugh like Batman. In the same time we teach our little girls that they should be in the kitchen, wait for boys and act like we need help in pretty dresses.

what do you think?

Imagehow mostly girls commercials look like, a doctor and helping hurt people and everything is pink.


this is how most of the boys commercials look like, holding guns or reparing a car. also look at the Lego, can you guess which lego is for which gender?


or should all our commercials look like this?

i am still the one to beat

im totally in love with this song, its kinda old, but still – really good! Well, its nicki minaj so what to expect exept awsomness in a song?

shes so the queen, no muscle. And weezy is also in the song (aka lil wayne) and they are all up with this song, its so good, like full of power. Something that is good about rap songs is that they dont just rap about random words that phryme its moe of a secret meaning, sometimes when you listen to a rapper, for example Drake you hear them words, but secretly or hiden down its a deep sentence. Do you get what im saying?

cute gift for christmas!

If you ran out of ideas for a cute little christmas gift, heres the one for you!

they are called chocolate on a stick and cake pops, yes they are 2 diffirent things so i will show you both of them +  recepie! 😀



chocolate ona stick: 

melt chocolate in a saucepan, then pour over the chocolate in a small form, such as a heart or a shape like in the picture, an egg – holder where you pour the chocolate up to a few cm in works fine, then stop at a barbecue stick or popsicle stick in mold and let it set for an hour.




Mix cake, preferably with lemon or chocolate, which has cooled completely. Mix with cream cheese of philadelphiatyp to a firm and smooth dough.
Scroll about 3 cm sized balls. Place on a plate and place in the freezer for about 30 minutes.
Melt the chocolate block. Dip one end of a wooden stick into the chocolate and stick in each ball. Allow to set for a minute so that it adheres.
Then dip the entire ball gently into the chocolate, then drain and garnish with sprinkles. Insert the swab into a piece of Styrofoam or floral foam so as to stand firm. Let cool in the fridge.
Cake pops are a little tricky to do. A faster alternative is to put marshmallows on a skewer, dip in chocolate and roll in sprinkles.

or check out youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXCm7XTKXRc



Image good luck, xoxo.