yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they’re here to stay oh, I believe in yesterday

The older version of humanity probebly remembers the good old band The beatels?

the younger once, like me have just heard of them, i wasent born in it (like bane would say) i was born when the kaos and loving of just the beatles were over. I never get to experience the beatles hysteria, I may be experiencing today’s hysteria with other bands today, but just that all older people (40 +) is completely obsessed with them, listening to their music, have stories to tell about them both love and lucky, happy,  stories. I remember my old music teacher wanted us to know everything about them, though we sat there like bird feeders and were confused. Who were they? I know about Paul Mcartney, and Ringo star if i just pop up names i know of, but they were four people if im not mistaken, and they were the biggest Brittish band during their time and they have very few songs i have heard of, also that Paul Mcaryney was shot. Bam thats it – all i know about them. See, not that much? Still parents and other people who lived during the beatles time and know everything about them is mad or disepointed that you dont know true shit about them, and i tell them “well, i know so much about other bands like One repulic, One direction, Maroon 5 etc. and they still be like “thats not the same thing” 

IT IS THE SAME THING! for me it is, i think my generation is more understanding when it comes to the thought of someone knowing and dont knowing things we should know. For example, todays band like One republic – im not expecting you to know about them, im not expecting you to ever heard their songs. Another example – im not expecting everybody to know about all of the wars going on, im not expecting you to know who Michael Jackson is, im not expecting and get disepointed if you dont know who ruled our contry 70 years ago.

But when it comes to older people, let say 40 + they are obsessed with people knowing stuff. They think everybody knows everything about everything they know. If a question pop up asking me what king or president ruled in our contry 300 years ago, i will probebly not know aaaaannnnd they get pist off and give you the look. But if i ask my mom who is the most famous blogger in our country or who own this or that, where can you find this or that film producer and who is this new beloving actor she would probebly say “i dont know” and i would understand cause like i said, my generation understands that everybody dont have the intrest in knowing history and knowing about everything you know even if they dont care, we get that. why dont people over a seratin age know that?


i got the eye of the tiger

have you decided your new years eve dress yet gurls?

Here is 3 b e a u t i f u l insperation dresses, they are all from the website called where you can find everything from a sprakly dress to a beautiful shoe collection by Jeffrey Cambell. Sounds interseting? I belive so. The thing about new years is that you can go on with sparkle or just alot of jewlery, dress/skirt/pants can be black, silver, red, purple, white, gold you name it – every color and then just nice styled hair, glittery nails with a om my lord makeup and taned and spell amazing and a little glas of Bubble´s in your hand and a sprakly firework upon you and you are ready to go! So dont forget to plan, plan, plan new years pretty soon, its not that much time left, a month + mayby. Oh i forgot to mention the shoes, high heeled pumps and NOW you are ready to leave your house and crash someone others!


this one is for you


You are so amazing, cant express in with words. I can see your halo upon your head all the time. Im fucking amazing, but thats because of you. They are unbelivle, and thats all because of you. You make me, and everybody smile and you keep it alive until the end. You bring joy, happiness and peace among people and i look up to you, you make me do stuff i would never dear to do otherwise, or maybe im just lazy but you make me raise up and do it. 

Water instead of food?

A big question in this time of the year is how to loose weight. People are obsessed with the calming and peacebringing words How to loose 20 pounds without doing nothing or anything actually that starts with How to loose weight. So i google a little bit to see if you can drink instead of eating, for example water. 

If you drink alot of water you will feel more full and by that eat less, but the water itself will not make you loose any weight. I have perisods were i drink plenty of water (like now) and then i have a dry season when i drink one glass/day. But water is good for plenty of stuff, it makes your skin better, belly-process, mind, good for your hair, nails, Actually your brain is fuild with water so drinking more water stabilize the water substance and boost your energy and thinking. Also – flushing out toxins, your immune system as the body works better with water in it. 

So remeber to carry around a water bottle in your purse/bag and you will be all fine, they say that you should drink 2 littlers of water each day and thats 2 normal water bottles, great and easy and you dont have to consume it all in one minute, you can spread out the water during the day, maybe one little before 3 o´clock and the last littre from 3 o´clock til you hit the bed. Rember tat water exist in many flavours these days, i know in my home country we have over 20 diffirent flavours, and they are all good so if you are tired of “normal water” DONT hit the soda can, no change your reguallar water into a flavoured kind and tadaaa , no more soda and more liking when you consume the water in to your own body, its like a win-win-win situation, you skip the soda, drink more water, and get a taste experience! LOVLEY.


Not that one

I dont wanna be that who is that; so lets pretend like nothing and make sure it never happened.

Hello goodevening! Today has been interesting, had a big test in school which turned out to feel okay, but in school when something feels easy -youre doing it wrong! Also, i met this new friend of mine today we sat down talking for like 4 H not joking or lying – seriously looong talk and shes so fly and funny and just talk alot and i love when people talk so much even if Its all random chatting –better to say something than nothing.
Have a great evening fellas! Xoxo

trash you like

On the boys’ list , you stand highest in line
But you´re treated like you were trash .
For the guy who has thrown you in high amounts ,
Do not want a wife , just cash .
He’s such a man , as the sun and spring .
Take everything you have.
Then , you will be , left in tears
Without anything left .

You -you , you are too nice . You are-you are . You are too good for the trash you like ,
Why should you throw pearls to swines ?
You are way too beautiful. You are , you are , You´re too fine for such ugly guys ,
Stop throwing pearls to swines

Your ex -boyfriend was of the same variety ,
he was a real pig, who cheated .
them nasty rumors he heard he laughed away
until you saw proof , and got enough.
Then came , he went on tablets. Coffee and cigarettes.
He was , your past, single nights .
For a stupid hook

You , you , you are way too nice. you are, You too good for the trash you like ,
Why should you cast pearls for the swines?
You are so nice. You are so nice , you are  too fine for such ugly guys ,
Stop throwing pearls against swines .

Take me, take me instead. I wish to be.
Go with you to the chapel .
Like a real man.

you cant live without it, im asking you honenstly what would life be without a song or a dance what are we

Woah Woah stop right here darlings, i just have to say one thing before i start wrighting – this will be a wierd post.  

I just honestly have to say this because i have to express myself and let it out from my mind i and belive that you cant hear it too much so here i am. THANK YOU! lately you have been super supportive and you guys who really stands up for me ( you know who you are) and likes what i have to say and share my reflections into another part im not able to reach for the moment – you share me, okey if that make much sence.I had so many new followers, likers, sharers and views latley and im super happy for that, for real.  But in the order of me not being able to express myself fully as i would like to,  i thought that you – yourself-could make your own understanding in these explaining pictures in the collage down below, i know this is a wierd post as i said in the beggining and i stand up for my word.



i will explain this picture as a sentence, every pic has one word in this sentence and the sentenc will represent my thank-fullness to you. xoxo

On the quiest place on earth lies a peacefull mind up in the sky- sneaky truths and eyes that never close itselfs, wishing that one day the colors of itwill be spread out and breathed by others. 



the secret to: how to flirt with a girl in 4 steps!

Okey boys! Read this carefully and pay me with your attention, here are the 4 flirting secret girls looking for when a guy flirts!

1. The first thing we girls notice about you is your smell (use a good perfume, EVERYDAY) remember that most girls wear perfume for you guys so this rule goes for you as well. A good style, look at our sweethearts – one direction, you dont have to look as them in your face but look at their style and see how to dress attractive. We girls notice your style and whenever we see a boy we always coment his style, if its good he gets extra points! 

2. Wink! Omg, when a guy winks -girls fall down to the floor melting down like a snowflake. Just look the girl deep in to her eyes, just a few secunds maybe 4 seconds and BAM – wink and look away (smile sweet, not creepy) 

3. Hugs, bitches love hugs! start slowly, hug when you say goodbye, then after a few hugs – a little kiss on the cheek, then hug little now and then (if shes your schoolmate, hug during school) and then later just lay your arm around her, hug her from behind!

4. Last but not least – say good and cute things to her. Remember that she has to feel that you are talking to her and not another person, look her deep into her eyes and say, hello sweety/ hey you / bueno pretty lady/ hola madam! choose your own comfort way of saying goodmorning, goodday and goodbye on. If you want a little extra thing, say a special goodbye/hello that you only say to her everytime you meet/says goodbye, say it around people at the same time you are saying hello to other people so that she hears that you are being special to her and treating her diffirent!

good luck, xoxo 

little tips for you

If you want to read a post from some blogger you dont know of (random) you can search in wordpress! firstly o to reader and then scroll down a little bit at the search bar and search whatever you want to read about, in this way ive found out so much more fun and its all about this or that person/thing! Lovley!


as you see ive searched for mostly people and tips! if you search at the tag “tips” you will find this post (try it, i dare you) at the top and other bloggers tips just for you! xoxo