boo halloween

Trick or treat? 

Tomorrow is the day of dawn we been waiting on… its halloween, a time for spooky and unspooky people to dress up and pour some blood on themself and  ripp some old clothes and knock on random peoples door and make them give us candy. oh you hallowwen. Im thinking on dressing up, but on saturday then i guess. I myself will 50% throw a party to me, friends and random people i dont know. sounds great? i want to dress up like a doll, spooky doll. yes i know mainstream yeh yeh sue me for that but its easy come on! if you dont know what you will be you can dress up as a ghost (put a cheet on you, cut some holes, paint the area around eyes black and say boo) or a doll as me probebly (i will link a great video down below) or as a saw on youtube the otherday, a woman dressed up like that little guy on a little kidsbike from SAW, was really good actually. or a gunshot in your forehead? zombie, crazy proffesor, pumkin, gozilla… you get it

here is a great video i saw on YOUTUBE as i said, and some other inspiration pictures i found. Good luck. xoxo

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room makeover edision

Have you ever thought of making your good old bedroom cosyer? More modern maybe?  Here are magnifical tips for you when youre about to remake your lovley bedroom! step by step.

First of all, if you have a standard color in your room as i have (i have pink walls etc.) a special theme from before you may have to think about if you want to maintain the theme or go rock up some new theme, like blue or white for example. i will choose blue becasue i want a marine theme in my room, we are talking white, lightblue, marineblue. paint the walls or put up wallpaper in the color you want, i wanted a marine theme so i will make 3 white walls and one marineblue wall around my windows.


when picked up a theme you like, lets head to IKEA! in ikea you can find everything that you need for your new bedroom, colors, accesories and light… Its mostly the details we are changing, the furniture like bed, wardrobe, desk are already in white so i will keep them, remember you can paint your furniture insted of buying new because the color is wrong. 





when you bought all of te stuff you wanted and can afford you start decorating but first  -trow out or sell your old stuff you dont need, makee a fresh start! Look through your clothes, dvd´s, CD´s, pens, magazines EVERYTHING you dont need. When its out you paint your walls, (take everything out…) make it fresh, put in your furniture, clean every space and then start decorating with new drapes, rug, bedsets, lights, candels, you name it. 


done and done, if you have any more suggestions on how to remake your bedrooom feel free to post down below in the coments, xoxo
















sensitive post about bullshit and rape!

if bitches could fly my school would be a fucking airport internet would be a fucking airport. 

Ive seen alot of wierd and uncorrect (exuse my expression but express yourself) shit all over the webb, but there is ONE speciffic blog that takes the price.

im “politically correct” as a person, which means that you do not see people with different backrounds as they would been having different values​​, color should not be seen as a difference (treat diffirent) , we do not have races among humans, equality among genders and Straver for both women and men should have it as well from its own vision. being politically correct is very difficult sometimes, but very fair, as politically correct Straver not to “how will our society look like” mixing of different peoples views on things so that everyone is satisfied, respecting different cultures and do not consider dissimilar religions are better than others, this is the short veration of how a “political correct” look at things. puh. 

well this blog i was talking about is called (yes its swedish but i´ll translate a bit, yall should be glad its swedish otherwise more people could read the bullshit as i see it but of course we all have diffirent types of view in this world of ours so i let him/her wright whatever his/hers thought are, this also means i will wright mine in the concept of bringing the justice.) is the name of the blog where bullshit accours, sorry writer. this is some of his/her thoughts on that its also the womans responsibility when its comes to rape, (her fault as well): 

“Rape IS the man’s responsibility. It will never get away from. But the woman has a responsibility to deliberately inciting him up? Is it OK to play the man’s weakness and feelings to then put all the responsibility on the man if he can not restrain himself? It’s a bit like the difference between murder and manslaughter: Manslaughter involves killing “in hastily courage” in a situation where it was difficult to come to their senses. Manslaughter Arens state of mind attributed decisive importance. If you do not have a responsibility if one puts the man in a poorly controlled state of mind? (…)

There is one simple answer here i belive, thre is SO THING like its the person being raped fault that this X person been raped. NEVER. because its no way in hell its okey, not even a tiny bit. So bitch please stop saying “it can be the womans fault too…”

 I think that little can be likened to pet an unknown dog. Most often, it works fine. But notice that the dog is angry and still continues to clap, you are free from responsibility then? Or is it ONLY the dog’s fault if he cuts? And what about the woman’s feet to an unknown dog, who then bites? 

get the fact here bro, mostly rapes that accours are not starngers from the bushes – its actually more raped apening by the people you already know, drunk friends/high friends, old mad boyfriend, person with controll over you etc. Its not that much of that a woman makes a random guy horny than all of the sudden say “shit youre a starnge man, well my fault i “pet you”. the end of the story? No. 

what are your tought on this question? 



50K for a verse no album out

Good morning world!
Im watching “the (un)datebles on TLC and its a show were people with some kind of outstanding in our world goes on dates with other people. Its so cute! I just got home from a few people (slept there) and we had a blast last night, me and 4 other people went to a place little bit outside town to meet 5 more people that i actually never seen (only met for seconds) and we where outthere for the night, they where really nice people so yay on that! Hope you guys will have a super day! Xoxo


Im such a flirter

So heres the big story to the headline –
I was sitting on this train on my way home, i just bought daim and it was all good. Suddenly i notice a ginger boy infront of to the right of me so i lean over a bit to see his face discreet well… If you ever gotten daim stuck in your throat you get this caught thing and you start crying. I got that okay. So he looks at me same moment i lean forward and im all up with tears and chocking expression. Smooth.

Its raining men halleluhja

Good evening fellas! (im so lame sometimes, shame on me) what ive been seeing these days is that people take vacations from their bloggs now that the real winter/autumn vacations come above us. Thats halleluhja. But i wont let you dinosaurs down by stop blogging! Can i hear some halleluhjas? Today haven’t been so special, studying and eating and met a friend a moment ago, lovely! And now Its tea time and more studies, school is importend. Oh i wanna live in a college in a dorm with people so bad! Somewhere in the great USA like Florida and celebrate spring break at the beach with camps, campfires, people, marsmallows and beer and all kinds of celebrat(ive) stuff 🙂

Oh i wish. Xoxo

if you would look back someday, you will see that we are back LONDON EPISODE

hello dear people, IM BACK FROM UNITED KINGDOM.

Im back from my visit to London over “a weekend” which is four days. I went there to see my beautiful friend Daniell. In london which was hell of a busy and crowded town (talk about it…) was super. Loved it, people were so polite and handsome and lovley, dont even get me started on the pretty Brittish that i been talking in, oh that accent is wonderfull. Bloody (h)éll. First day was just to find out of the airport, then get a taxi and go to Daniells place, then we spent the following hours there (the time was 2 am in the moring when i got there on wendsday night) On the following morning we went out, took a cab to the main city part, walked along London Eye and had a look in many stores (hello chanel and victoirias secret) after a few breaks as starbucks we met up 2 more friends and we had a lunch a this sushi place, was awsome, we sat there talking, laughing and planning the night. As the plans went and time ticked on me and Daniell went around town and did the “to do list” and picked up a few things and people and AFTER that we went home in a rush and tried to make some kind of dinner. We had to rush-eat so that we would make it to the train that left 9 pm from the station to a another part of London where the lunch plans went by. We spent the night with LOT OF PEOPLE im not joking, it was full-house like…wow. the train we were suppose to take at 4 am didnt come for X reason so we went back to the Partáy still was going on until sunrise and daylight came on and lighted up the world. We went back to Daniells house at friday and we hanged in London, went to see a movie, chilled, and did some other things (…) Saturday was zoo day! Early zoo-morning with monkeys and animlas that scared the crap out of me and bringed the “aww” out of me. fantastic. Sunday was going home day, at 7 pm my plane left the ground and went up in the skyes towords the birds and clouds and back home sweet home, 

and thats my London story. thank you daniell and all the other lovley people that ive been hanging out with!