The VMA everybodys talking about

The yearly Video music awards where on MTV this year and some chocking things happend. One of the things that happend that i thought where omg is definetly Miley Cyrus dance with beatle jouice and Robin Thicke, i think that this picture explains her whole performing as what the fuck did i just see. I mean she was all on him during his and her singing with her tiny ass and twerking against his dick and just…loving it?  For gods sake he has wife and kids and she be all stripping on him! And not to forget to meansion – whats with that hairstyle and clothes? Miley get your ass (yeah) back to normal life, no need to be hannah montana im not saying that, but you are out of  leauge. 

haha look at the Smith family, i mean man, those faces are priceless. (to the Miley Cyrus performence)

woaw this is Taylor Swift saying “Shut the fuck up” when the pretty gang One Directon gives theire thank you, way to go Taylor. btw, is it selina next to her or am i blind?

Guys, im not a gossip blogger, this is just casuall celebrity gossip that you may want to catch up on, this all happened on VMA 2013  25/8! xoxo


i could be your hero

There is a saying that says that some friends are like diamond shoes, when you get the opertunity to wear them you never want to take them of, they make you feel so pretty and your old comfortable once arent the once you think of. But these diamond shoes will start hurting and you cant walk anymore, now your old comfortable shoes look pretty inviting. Too bad you threw them away back in the time when your diamond shoes looked like everything you needed and you forgot why you wore the comfortable shoes in the beginning.

It all makes sence, mistakes happens and love runs away, for what? Diamond shoes maybe.

no money no family 16 and in the middle of miami work work working on my shit

              Walk a mile in these Louboutins
But they don’t wear these shits where I’m from
I’m not hating, I’m just telling you
I’m tryna let you know what the fuck that I’ve been through

[Verse 1]
Two feet in the red dirt, school skirt
Sugar cane, back lanes

Three jobs, took years to save
But I got a ticket on that plane

People got a lot to say
But don’t know shit about where I was made

Or how many floors that I had to scrub
Just to make it past where I am from

[Bridge x3]
No money, no family
Sixteen in the middle of Miami

I’ve been up all night, tryna get that rich
I’ve been work work work work working on my shit

Milked the whole game twice, gotta get it how I live
I’ve been work work work work working on my shit
Now get this work (x4)

Working on my shit

[Verse 2]
You can hate it or love it
Hustle and the struggle is the only thing I’m trusting
Thorough bread in a mud brick before the budget
White chick on that Pac shit
My passion was ironic
And my dreams were uncommon

Guess I gone crazy, first deal changed me
Robbed blind, basically raped me

Rose through the bullshit like a matador
Just made me madder and adamant to go at em
And even the score
So, I went harder

Studied the Carters till a deal was offered
Slept cold on the floor recording
At 4 in the morning
And now I’m passin’ the bar like a lawyer

Immigrant, art ignorant
Ya ill intent was insurance for my benefit
Hate to be inconsiderate

But the Industry took my innocence
Too late, now I’m in this bitch!

You don’t know the half
This shit get real
Valley girls giving blowjobs for Louboutins
What you call that?
Head over heels

[Bridge x3/Hook]

[Verse 3]
Pledge allegiance to the struggle
Ain’t been easy

But cheers to Peezy for the weeks we lived out of duffle
Bags is all we had

Do anything for my Mama, I love you
One day I’ll pay you back for the sacrifice
That ya managed to muscle
Sixteen, you sent me through customs so

All aboard my spaceship to Mercury
Turn First at the light that’s in front me

Cause every night I’mma do it like it’s my last
This dream is all that I need
Cause its all that I ever had

[Outro x2]
Now get this work (x4)
Working on my shit…

im down on my knees

oh i love her. 

Her is some sad and beautiful songs and just awsome songs that you might want to add on your playlist! Ill name them in order 🙂 

Sad: skinny love, with you friends, save the world (piano version) broken heart

happy: tell everybody im on my way, dancing queen, bangarang, beauty and a beat, good life,

angry/strong: bet on it, scream (hsm), stronger, dont let me get me, beautiful, not afraid, no love, stronger (kanye west) 



Songs 😽 | via Tumblr

maybe this i just creepy

i made a baby with Nicki minaj and danisnotonfire. yes and im proud of it!

there is this site where you can upload a picture with celebs or you and your partner (yes on your crush aswell) and then TADAA bam your baby is born. So i wanted to see how nickis and danisnotonfire baby would look like and… yeah. WHY IS HE GINGER? like yeah cute whatever but no. just…no.


i just need a girlfriend WTF!

“i want you to have a kind of modelish body, flat hair…if you have one pimple.. no thank you”

this guy, THIS guy is definetly prince charming when it comes to explain the girl he is looking for. He and mr.whiscars. im seriulsy laughing when is this because he is looking for a playboy bunny thing and no unfair but he cant put those cravings when he aint no Johnny depp. So i listed hes cravings and here they are:

  • college young,
  • modelish body,
  • tan,
  • black hair,
  • no pimple,
  • love vampires,
  • cat person,
  • have to cook dinner,
  • hot body,
  • big boobs,
  • big butt,
  • fat blowjob lips,
  • toungeman,
  • no asian “or those sort of people”,
  • no hairy girls.

what the fuck did i just shw you guys? he is so ego and full of himself! Like what? he aint no super hottie so why is he expecting th gil of his wetdreams will show up and say “im all yours baby”.  ddd

i will be there for you

Halla! (put your hands up for detroit)

so me and sweetheart are watching Friends (if you havent seen that yet…shame on you sir) and im just loving it! I felt that i had a few deep posts thr last week. well well lifes tugh and unfair – and funny and fair. Remember that! talk to yall later, xoxo

Dont tell me that you are sorry

“i miss you guys” dont even bother if you dont actually care. We where cool, hanging out but the wise words bros before hoes escaped your mind? I could hold you in my arms, forgive all your mistakes, sometimes i wanna call you, why cant you call? I like you, i love you i would catch a bullet for you but you hurt us, leave us for other hoes. When they leave and love is over, who will say “Its gonna be okay, we are here for you”. Call me that day if you still remember the people who you cared about, who you shared everything with, tell me youre sorry. It went so fast, only weeks and youre gone. I still love you so tell me you love me too, otherwise i would be lying.

Sorry for blaming you, i hurt myself when im hurting you /Christina. Xoxo


Give this picture a moment, read the first sentence. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
What the fuck? You can read that sentence in another way if you dont see my point there is nothing that is worth eating if you want to be skinny. And one of them badass part is that this is not the only page that have all.these pictures of super skinny girls “so called inspiration” inspiration to what? Anorexia? I love these instapages with workout inspiration, this is just a sad trigger 😦 xoxo