we are not made of steel so we can not die

hey guys! Some great anti-virus tips!

If you dont have any safteywall (firewall) on your computer its easy that you will get some virus just because theire is so much of that shit these days! (phuh) You can buy one really safe like Norton or anything like that.

Where do we get this virus? – wierd webbsites, comercials, “winning sites” pokersites, downloading, chatforums. This is the most common once. if there is a sign that is glowig, moving and poping and says “you´ve won 100000 dollars!!!!”its fake, NO you havent won anything more than a virus. Actually anything that says XXX and has 200 !!!!!!! after it, you should question it. Dont be fooled by the “you are our 100 vistor” no just no…

Even putting your webbcam on on sites can couse virus- its the bloody truth. So yeah you can put like paper r tape over your cam if you dont want any stalkers (they do exist, im not joking, seriusly)

what do i do if i get virus? Get a virus protector, dont download somethng you found and you dont know what it is, its better to spend a few bucks and get a great security that will protect you in any weather! xoxo


Should have give you all my hours when i had the chance

Hello i had a beautiful nightmare last night.
It was about skrillex, i was at a outside concert and it was outside a stone house and everybody stood on the big stone stairs and listened. Some hardcore fans cryed and got up to the stage and met him, i remember crying infront of a guard and hoping he would notice me and put me on stage which he didn’t… I cryed so ugly you have no idea! He started playing and i was first and surprisingly alone close to the scene where he stood, the music he played was so silent, you couldn’t hear the scary monsters so i went up to his mac computer and turned up the music. I later said to people that “i litterly turned up the music”. Im so wired. Omg. Xoxo

the songs ive singing


I just have to point this out, you guys are amazing, for real it even requires letters that slopes fucking amazing! I remember the first post here, and you who have followed my jurney the past months have seen me grow and succeeded here. I have now gained to more lovley dinosaurs, i love you all one by one. I still wright to yall as you were the only one reading. Feel proud, this is personal stuff i wright so hell to the yeah. Okey seriusly i had 3 followers one time and i was so happy, i kept smiling and now these days i get new followers once or twice every week, its so amazing, fantastic, wonderfull, fortune, great… (i was a bit unsure if the word `fortune´ was a good choice…) So again, thank you and tell all your friends about me and let us all celebrate this fantastic day where i have got to the point of no returne – 80 billion followers! (okey not billion but close) (troll) 


Imagei dont want to creep anybody out okay, i say i love you guys not because i want to marry all of you, no its because you are so fkn amazing that you deserve to hear that and its true!


uughh people!

hey dinasurs! Lovley day ey?

This is a fact, pure fact. Its so enoying actually…

Im a fan of a guy on YouTube, he is making videos and talks about life, one more thing is that he has a theme in some of his videos called “reasons why dans a fail” and he talks about hes flaws. Whenever he mention something so obvious like “I check if i look the door twice everyday”(i dont know if he actually said exactly that sentence but you get the idea) there is always a few young hardcore fans that are all like:

– omg i thought i was the only one in the whole world doing that, we are twins dan- and im like, really? you actually thought that you were the ONLY human being checking the door twice if you have locked it?! Really? So look through comments and see that these hardcore girling thing is out of reach of obviousness. Shame on yo guys, i think its cute though, trying to connect themselfs BUT ITS OKAAAY!

wait- did i just use double standards or do i just wnat to be nice…? hmmm xoxo so long!






we are living in th devils den

Hey dinasaurs! Good day btw!

Today we are going to talk about (we?i mean i will talk about) some of the most importent things in life, Friendship. I find friends very high rated in my life, i love my friends and all the new people i meet. So dont be shy, i love to meet you as well dinasaurs! im one of those people who dont open up so much with problems at my family, i like the way of telling my friends instead. Even though if im going to be 100% honest – i dont tell so much of my problems to anybody live… I just cant sometimes. It depends on what and with who. Keep your friends close and love them all, you dont know what you got until you lose em right? Meet new people at sports, conserts, internet, through other people etc. its easier than yo think! If you get in a fight with a friend the best way of keeping this friend is to solve it as soon as possible. ASAP! If you dont talk in several weeks its very hard to reconstruct the main friendship, its better to deal with it one day after the fight, but do it nice and tell the person you would like to solve it when you talk. Be the adult one and make the first step, the other person wont judge you for that really, think of it. The other person will be realised. Remeber that its nota competion of who can ignore eatchother the longets so… fix it. I think thats something to rember and learn from so if your in a fight right now- go and get your ass out of here and remember its better to solve/fight/argue in REAL life NOT over the internet or texting!!!!!!!!! Do it on the phone or real life! xoxo




If you want to contact me in person just mail me at –  lindaweez@hotmail.com

oh you little bad girl

So dinasaurs! I just have to mention that i will be gone in a few weeks, i will travel around the world!!! (2 weeks) and there will not be so much update of that time, but hey, when i get home i will continue with what im doing now…whatever that is. 🙂 so dont be sad if thats what you were planing on doing that, and if you get bored – read my oldest post. They are quite interesting actually. Thumbs up everyone and cheer up! xoxo

16 and still not pregnant

Good afternoon dinasaurs!

Its said that 80% of the people have met the person they going to marry when they are 16. The rest of the 20% (holla if thats you) are just domed to be waiting.I made a little paragraph that look like a stat to illustrate more of what i mean. Imageomg have to stop doing these..

so yeah, lets say that its 10 people on earth just to make it easier, that means that 80% of 10 people (10 people is a 100%) is 8 people that already met their lifepartner. The rest (20%-2 people) havent. And i had in mind that some people in this case 1 person dont get married because they dont want to/allowed to. What the fuck? why does everybody have a boy/girlfriend these days and there i am just alone… fml. Why cant everybody have the opertuinity to seek theire partner? is it because i have some demond inside of me or do luck escape me? Maybe you wonder why there is a Xyears under one of the 20% of the people, It means that those people (holla again if thats you forever and ever…) have to wait a aunknown number of years before they met the prince of theire life.  Like cinderella said:

what is a ball at the castle?



my name is skrillex

No my name could have been skrillex but its not. Obviously.

So i was going through the beloved YouTube again and i came to this video with young-man sonny moore (aka skrillex) and i have seen it before i think and its like a photo-poem-song with him around 17 years old and his ex girlfriend Emily. On the pictures they seemed very cute! Her poem is very sad though and if you listing to the lyrics of the song (i belive its sonny who wrote it, he is singing it anyway) They broke up for this X reason and i stoped and read her poem that explained her feelings possibly about him and her, it was probebly about the thing that happened and made them break up. I almost cryed when i heard his voice, its so good. Like if you are a fan of skrillex look at his pre-career, he has an amazing voice and his vocals – oh my god. In my case i have seen him both as he is now and his elder career and he is still the same person that he was before (well, on the camera) I guess every world famous artist change among the fame, you have to adjust yourself and it will change you. He seemed more crazy and maybe more happy before if you compare his old laughters with the once todays. Of course i wouldnt know right. That question you have to ask the legend himself.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RccE7xfpa4 – sonny and emily.

here is a part of his song to her and a bit of her poem to him.

…couse its the only thing i ever felt is real, thounderstroms could never stop me couse its noone in the world like emily…

…but lie after lie he did the signs, by playing on me, draining out our life. He begged for us back but to stubborn to move. you needed me as much i needed you…


psss- oh my little info afterwords that comes once in a while. Im sorry if your not a skrillex fan but you still like my other post, this is something i really like (skrillex) so yeah i wright new stuff about him sometimes, but ey, its nothing i make you read and hopefully maybe ive shown you a different musician that you never seen before? Or you can be a super skrillex fan and finds my other post that is skrill-free more wierd and cant wait to hear more about the beautiful Sonny moore. xoxo