as promised…

So i promised to post the horrible thing which aperently in my family i was the only one who had missed it. Completly so in hope that im not the only one to be unknowing of this ill post to you guys what happened. Here we go!

There is a man called Charles Manson, a leader to a group that was called the Manson family, it is said that this particular family killed about 35 people and Charles Manson watched it all and he hyptonized his “family-members” to kill for him. Charles wanted a racewar between black and whites. He used the holy bible and other satanicbooks and phrases and put them in a wrong way so it looked like it was said in books like the bible that he was right about the racething. He and some of the familymemebers where sentenced to death but ended up being in jail for the rest of theire lifes, he is 64 (i think) right now and lives in a jail called San Quentin. He had a tough life as child, his mother was a prostitute and he wasent very welcomed to the world and moved around alot. Remeber folks the goulden rule, there are no diffrents between us, not between you, me and nobody else. We are all the same inside even if our colors are different. If we smile and laught toghetter we can create a life and a band that is so solid that it cant be moved. Unfortently some people dont see this, all they see is a mask hideing the truth and only shows the eyes of fear and hate. 



It hurts with every heartbeat

Things you didnt know about me!
1. I cant be alone, i have this thing i need to do something all the time and not do it alone i will go crazy! (hate it sometimes)
2. I usually dont truly say my opinions, i rather ‘shut the fuck up’ then make someone go mad.
3. I dont believe in being mad or grumpy at anybody, (if its not super huge of course) ignoring someone is the worst you can do, it shows that your not into solving the problems.
4. Im a massive dork when it comes to fact.
5. I hate it when persons say that someone is ugly, nobody is ugly and perfection doesn’t exist.
6. I have 6 crushes at 3 famous people – Daniel Howell, johnny depp, sonny moore.
7. I cant stand Stupid people who think Its all about them.
8. Im a awful liar.
9. I adore movies, its this magical world probably why i love cinemas.
10. I have no problems with people dressing little bit with dare, me myself wear tops that show little or something so if you gonna complain at someone and their dress – go somewhere else man!
Xoxo sweet dreams dinosaurs!

There was a time

There was a time, i used to look into my fathers eyes.
Hey guys, im alive just have been busy for a time (went out with friends to a place and camp) it was good and it had its good and bads, periods! But right now when i think back at it i remember it as good! 🙂 yay go us. Well, i usually dont talk about my day and so but i didn’t have anything right now to say so… Have a great day! Xoxo


He is so cute, its bill skarsgård!

Dont you worry child see heaven got a plan for you.

Wow this is awkward

Hey dinosaurs *little awkward*
So i went out… Alone i was walking to meet up a friend and who walks before me (talking 4 meters!) it was this “girl” who i basically cut the contact of with after a argument that was invalid on my side and ‘omg terrible’ on hers so yes me walking quietly as possible but i think she noticed me but it was so awkward! We haven’t talked in about a year or so because the thing that happened was way out of league. We haven’t even been close to eachother i have been avoiding those neiburhoods just in case of emergency! I am not joking…

Im a wild child

Let em say-ey let em say-ey.
What are your thoughts revenge? Im not talking about the tv show guys i mean real life revenge! Honestly now with the hand on my heart i dont belive in violence or just the simple ignoring or being mad at someone, i dont see the point of being all grumpy for nothing and expect it will do something (or revenge) Its better according to me to talk it through and being happy together. Xoxo


Yea i put on a jb pic. Soe me 🙂

once you wish upon a star

goodnight dear dinosaurs.
sometimes i wish i could turn back time, go back a few days and tell myself when shit will go wrong. sometimes even shit goes wrong without any purpose, just happens and you be all like “sorry wasn’t meant to be”. that might be true, i wouldn’t do anything wrong to hurt somebody even though i can be my problem in the start – im sorry girl, i love you but dont act like your some cool gangster who are all dope and im just a twat, what is that? misspelled love i guess.

i remeber one of them use to make you laugh

this is importent. yes i really need to share this and gain some answers! this actually changed my view on my sweet-love. This might sound cheezy and wierd and childish but i dont care, what happened? I was on Ustream (famous people putting on theire webcam and filming persenal photedge) and i watched the beautiful Skrillex witch i always thought was this crazy, adoreble non caring and awsome person and then in some way i got to this ustream thing when Deadmou5 was talking and he mentioned Skrillex a few times and it wasent like i thought the answers would be (people were asking him questions and i know deadmou5 and skrillex know eachother) Like you should see the video so i will link it downbelow but maybe deadmou5 was just casually mean or just… what if that was the real behind the scenes skrillex? I still adore skrillex and think he is the most beautiful person on earth and that he is extremly amazing and stuff but still, i cant just remove the fact that i may have been wrong about him. 

You know the feeling when you think you know somebody and then they turn out to be someone else? That happened, maybe it wasent all bad im not saying that but still- you dont see this X person at the same way anymore. Its wierd, i still love him though. xoxo

                                                Somebody that i used to know   


all the boyz i couldnt see

all i got is nothing without you

Hey dinasaurs! Sweet sunday ey? Today im gonna watch the movie called “evil dead” and i only seen the elder veration and its from like 1970… i think. And theres a girl being raped… by a fucking tree. im not joking its so wierd. But its kind of funny and horrible so im really up to  what the new vertion gonna be like! xoxo