Underneth my skin there’s an ego

Hello, sorry for lame update.

This week has been interesting, like i mean i have a blessed life, i have everything i can ask for but still it feels like Im missing something. In my head i have it all clear, just need those words that explain my lost and i really want (wait for the shock) i want to party every weekend and have so much fun and be on so big partys. Thats what i want. Why aint that me? Xoxo
Sorry for the kind of depressing post but if you have any idea what i should do about it i will wright a fucking statement thank you post!



Heart a break


Baby i love you i miss you, youre like a shadow – i know its crazy but i stay for bom bom all the time. Its hard to think its and its hard to know, belive me somehow…

I dont what this song is called but i like the lyrics, it is just so true!
Like, if you miss somebody and you turn them away ( after a fight whatever) but you still love him/her so its a bit crazy and the ‘bom bom’ is what i think the actual fighting and passion and yeah- its hard to know but you want the other person to know it and he/she have to believe it somehow. Thats what i think. xoxo dinosaurs :*

Butterfly fly fly away

We all need this dinosaurs!

People always talk about workout inspiration and healthy stuff. But i think we need life inspiration as well so cant people give both? Apparently not so ill give you a little push in life so you stay happy for ever and ever. Their is some happy-life-secrets that you should do and ofc this is different from person to person but the one thing is to smile and stay positive! Always see the good in the bad and try to share joy and peace. Thats the main thing, you share joy to me by reading my work and thoughts and i try to share my joy and happiness by sharing things here. Thats real love threw internet. Thank you sweet dinosaurs.


Give you up

I. Want. Summer.
Seriously, like comon’ winter i like you but now the snow is blocking me from the non-chillyness (is that a word even?) well, like every time i hear the song ‘summer paradise, simple plans‘ i get this huge summer feeling so i will share a little montage of summer feelings so you as well feel it! 😀 yay!
Love you guys, xoxo


Its a little bit funny

Hello guys!
Today was a good day, i found out fact (test tomorrow) and
now it feels like i got that bitch so wish me good luck 🙂 i also took a coffee break and me and friends sat and drank and eat (ugh sugar rush in my tummy) and we had the best timez. Now im going to act like a runner and then more studying and then… Sleep i guess. Have a great evening and xoxo!

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Okay guys, i cant really believe how funny this pic is haha, love it!

A good day to die hard

Hello sweet dinosaurs!
Godmorning as well for you guys who haven’t woked up yet. Im gonna bring this shit down and get out running. I love running outside (dont like gym…) you can just realise all thoughts and feel the pain like there was no tomorrow!

Witch is probably the result in because you cant really live life normal with running-pain in your legs… Yeah true story.
Ive watched a movie called ‘Cassagada’ and it was horrible, not bad like that just…gross and ew and pop up moments but it was awsome. Yes it was. There where a guy who took in girls (running girls what is this shit?!) and maked them puppets on strings by removing there arms and legs and then putting a metal thing on em’ so the arms and legs hang loose on the body so it would look like a puppet. The victim was alive during this*
Like what if someone actually do that in real life? Gets the idea from the movie and you know what im saying with this! Ughh xoxo


This is what im made of

Dream partner dinosaurs.
How does your dream looking/acting partner be like? I think my boyfriend would be older than me, dark hair, nice body (not talking must have abs but not beer belly…) i like a bit half long hair, maybe a style called sthlm style witch means that you have a nice dressing and little wild and bit mêssy hair or just slimed, ill show you some guys i think is beautiful.

Remember guys and gurls – this is not a Look like this post, like i think everybody is handsome and dont worry – everybody have different styles! Xoxo


                      Sthlm style