do you remember your last dream?
we all dream every night – i heard you only dream for 10 minutes but still it feels like forever! So even if you dont remember your dreams they are still there. Me for example, i remember my dream like exactly when i wake up but forgets it 5 minutes after which is quite strange.
im going to share a dream i remember from little:

i was in a barn with my grandma and friends and some animals. The barn was just about to be locked and we rememberd that we had to give the animals water before we leave so me and nana stayed in the barn and my friends stayed outside waiting. in this barn there where a little window with a flower standing infront of it, and i was just about to fill the bottles and all the water bottles where gone so i looked out the window cuz i saw someone standing out there so i moved the flower and looked out. There standed a man. evil smile and just creepy holding a waterbottle like he been stealing all of them, he started to go to the door of the barn and i ran as fast as i could and right at that moment nana broked her leg and i could run no more. the end.



always and forever


i founded some weird questions here, ill give you my answers and Yeah… hopefully it will make us smarter. lets keep the faith.

1. how do you know when a smurf suffocates?
-easy, look at the face impression!

2. why does O stand for hug?
-when you are hugging you make a certain ring with your arms ūüėČ

3. why is the alphabet in that order?
-you wouldn’t notice if it where in another order from the start.

4. doesnt expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expecting?
-Yes…mindblow level inception

5. when a cheese taking a family picture, what does it say?
– in a parallel universe they probably say “human” but next time you see a cheese taking a photo of there family – dont call me, call the hospital sweety. hehuehueh




here is another healthy food tips again, i will probably post these once in a while, enyoj! you need a bowl, fruits/berries, yogurt, musli and a spoon! cut some fruits, i took kiwi and apple. then take berries, i took blueberries but take what you like! the pour musli over it (i took natural musli) then some yogurt with any flavor you want! My favorite one right now is yogurt with taste of honey witch i also used in the bowl! xoxo

Le coco chanel


I always wanted a Chanel perfume. Someday i will buy one! Its just the logo/brand i want, dont know why really but it is something that just pushing me into it. If you havent watched the movie called Igor & Chanel you have a good movie infron of you!

 The great film is about the famous piano player Igor Stravinskij who has a wife and four kids. They move outside the city so Igor can wright his music alone, they end up being invited by  the brand maker Coco Chanel who is a rich and fancy woman who lives alone with butlers in a huge and beautiful house. When they arrive to the house Igors wife gets a bit sick and stayes in bed for almost the whole movie and meantime РIgor and Coco catches eachothers eyes and Igor cheats several times on his wife with Coco. Chanel is a busy woman who runs the Chanel shop and the proces of making her famous perfume Рchanel nr 5. There is good and very good chosen music during the whole movie, a lot of credit to that. The actors are very good, i find Anna Mouglalis (chanel) very good and Mads Mikkelsen (Igor) is good as usuall. Not to forgett to meanson the script and the fact that the whole movie is based on the real coco chanel makes it even better. Love it! xoxo


thats the different between you and me

Hey dinasaurs, todays subject will be boys. Teenage boys in films.

Like the other day me and some friends (yes i have friends)¬†watched high school musical (hsm, dont judge me for this okey) 2 and like…omg Troy bolton (Zack afron)¬†who almost every girl think is gourgues (well, im not gonna lie he is pretty awsome)¬†Thats not the point – ¬†the point is that in every fucking scene he does is like¬†im so perfect, f**k me right?¬†Not to meanson the girls. Like he can charm evey girl at that school inclueding teachers and like its TOO perfect to be close to the truth. And there we are… sitting infront of the TV saying “mmm yummie” Why cant they do a teenage film that is not perfect with perfect guys like Troy Bolton, Corbin Blue ect. WHY!?

the answer is simple my dear dinsaurs. 

Because then nobody will watch is as people do. Seriusly Рwho watches hsm for the story? really, lets be honest Рits for the hot boys. Maybe the story as well but 70% is for the boys. but hey, who said that was wrong? Not mr palmtree! *snaps with fingers* xoxo 

stupid you…tube

hey guys! The nightmare has come. yes it has.

This is one of the apacalypses that happens once in a while, for example –¬†gangnam style, dance dare.¬†And now ladies and gentlemens The feared¬†harlem shake¬†Its based on a freaky dance that starts with one guy dancing by himself and then after maybe 10 sec alot of other people starts dancing randomly and freaky.¬†Crazy.¬†The video is about 30 seconds. Thats all. It could be fun if it wasent for this dance that is sooo “amazing” its like everything you can dream of – not. I just dont like it, we dont need MORE of this youtube over powered things that pops up 5 seconds after the big thing before it stoped, like im glad that people stoped doing “gangnam style” all the time, gush. xoxo¬†harlem_shake2

i know you can

if you got a tattoo – i thinking of getting a tattoo (i know against my principles) but if i got one i would probably get a anchor or a feather or something i find beautiful – a dreamcather! i want it on my side of my tummy (like the pics) like some people doesnt think it looks weird with tattoos and none of my people in my family has one so… maybe! i will update you on that one. stay tuned! xoxo