and it all was just a dream

Hello dinasaurs.

you know that weird feeling when you do something and you feel like “ive been here before” and it feels like you revived the secret of life? i have those quite a lot actually. My friend told me that it meant that you comed to another stage in your life (not like levels) but i think that it is the predicted future we have cuz i belive in both a god and a faith. I belive that the universe was created by the big bang and then the science that leaded to humans, us. But in some way and at the same time everything isn’t just random choosed so… Its hard to explain so hope you know what i mean 🙂 xoxo


Just gonna stand there and watch me burn

Im so sorry my sweet dinasaurs for the last  2 lame postes!

Today i went on my own page to see what i latest wrote and my reaction was something like this “omg” thats not even legal!I need a pusher and a bed cuz im tired as shit. Heres a question for you-  Do you easy forgive somebody or do you forgett? 

i have a temp to forgive and give out second chances too easy, i know its really bad but i do it cuz i belive that you get another chance, maybe thats good and bad. Time heal all bruces, thats true. Thats when we forgett and forgive. If time is faith – does that mean you have to forgive and forgett? What would the world look like if nobody forgot how bad yesterday was? xoxo


As eminem said ” baby please comeback it wasent you baby it was me maybe our relationship isnt as crazy as it seems”

Rock me

Helllo readers!
Im wonder woman today, just when i left my locker – some people said: “oh i dont know…maybe Its not going to happened…like Yeah it will fun” and i was like: Yeah wat? Like what was it? I hate it when people talk and dont say whats up! Ew.

Its like Im checked in to rehab

Hello people, something new?
I just have a sort of normal day except some things and the fact that i fall asleep when i got home… Well well, what to do? I also went to the city today and this is something that only seems to happened to me (dont hear anybody). And the thing is that almost everybody is staring at me like Im some alien with a crazy mind. Is this just me?  Just for pointing it out – Im not just imagine it, people do! Why? Why me? I dont according to me look that special… Stupid people 😦 xoxo


Alcohol is not a problem

Ivé comed around many talks and posted and different opinones about alcohol. I remember my mom and dad talked to be, teachers and other random humans. I like the fact that alcohol that so many people drink every weekend is moore focused then  unsafe sex and drugs that is more of an issue these days. Think of it, from my view when i was some young highschool kid who wanted to be 18 to be able to drink, just becaus everyone seem to have a blast while drunk. Im the youngest one in my family and to see the rest of my family and theire friends when we traveled to some place and they got a little tipsy- m standing there like “now what?” The fact that it was unlegal made itt more interesting then it should be (you always want to do things youre not allowed to do) if the legal age of alcohol was around 15-16 and it was well teached in schools people wouldnt get such a rush of drinking when they hit 18. (18 is the drinking limited in Europe and to buy alcohol in stores are 21) The other point of drinking by 18 is something i dont fully understand because it make no sence at all! Its that you can´t buy alcohol at 18, but you can drink it. Does this mean that the gouverment support the dealing alcohol to those who cant buy but can drink? And what does 3 years make for different? No, it makes no more different then dealing gets the only opptinal and the mass buying when the age of 21 is hitted. Low the buying age to 18 and stop focusing on some issue that doesnt count as an issue in many counties around the world.Image

fuck her too because i cant afford a ferrari

We all face people one i our lifetimes, people who are jerks or douchbags. They will push you to pull the trigger, they will bring you down, they will do things and most importened, they always talk so much shit that even the truth is shit. You know what? Just screw those people, for real! Just walk away and say : ” screw you guys im going home” 

ImageThere always going to be times in our lifes when you hate somebody so damn much that its hurts. (That aint love my sweet teachers) WHY is the biggest question now, WHY lay so much time to just secure th trigger when you just can put away the gun?


I knew you where trouble when you walked in

Hey guys!

Im hanging out with a friend, cool. I started to realize that i love the’! Its better then coffee, but no coffine or carbohydrates (milk,sugar) and there are sooo many favours like vanilla,cream,roses,berries,strawberries…etc. I really like a cup of hot tea’ and maybe scones? Another thing that i earlier saw today on YT was a girl (maybe 12 y/o) and she had alot of makeup tutorials..and like when i was that young i didn’t have so many fu*king brushes or that much foundation and eyeshadow… She was a bit noob-ie but i guess thats cool but the thing that was bothering me : she talked liked she done makeup since Forever and it just became so wrong!!
Whats your opinion?


Just a story that can be told

Just a story that can be toldThis guy is amazing, i love him! ivé seriusly watched probebly 90% of all his 3000 videos and different channels. No, im not some crazy stalker i just thinks he has so many points and everything! Makes sence to me.


Not to forgett to meantion that i wish i met skrillex (or will meet) him one day, he is also amazing and just one of those people who casually are awsome and.. hae no words so i stop it right here. xoxo

and im like f*ck you

Goodday! I saw a post of (i dont know if its a girl or a boy hmm) 

and shehe named things that girls do at theire girlsnightout and thats partly true, not fully. Like what boys seems to expect is that we cry,talk and be seriusly and pillowfights and hugging and yeah. Partly true from my aspect. When im with my besties we make food (yes, not only boys eat) then we make so bad jokes that you are crying from laughing, we make sexjokes and talk about boys and girls, not necciseriuly bad talk. we do not talk about makeup like some people seem to think. We usually “watch” a movie or do something else that is planed (party if we are many) Just hanging out togheter. Pillow fights is something that belongs to nightout. goodnight hugs are importened, but guys hug eachother to, in my school there where guys who make this chin kiss on both side on each other, thats totally cool. But i want to know YOUR stories, how is our night out with the girls?